Birchwood Syndicate is a 10 acre carp water nestled in 25 acres of private land.

The lake is an ex gravel pit that has matured into a beautiful spring fed natural lake, throughout spring and summer there is a flourish of plant life both in and out of the water and the natural food source created is simply amazing!

The perimeters of the lake and Birchwood house are protected by an otter fence and locked gates at all times. Providing a safe future for our precious stock!

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Which leads me onto the important part, the carp..

Birchwood is home to some truly amazing carp, some of these are 35+ years old! Ranging between 20 - 34lb (and still gaining weight) there really are some lovely old characters swimming around.

  If that isn't enough, we have boosted the stock with some of the best carp from the UK from VS fisheries. They have worked with us in supplying quality carp, with variations in looks/shape/genetics securing a VERY promising future! Some of these VS carp have gained 10lb in 20 months!

If you're interested in the possibility of joining our syndicate please email:

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