1. No braided Mainline, Lead core or Leaders. Minimum line breaking strain 12lb.

  2. Micro barbed hooks only, no fixed leads, all leads must come free under slight pressure.

  3. Shop prepared particles in moderation, NO NUTS.

  4. Surface and zig fishing are allowed, free offerings MUST be used in moderation. Think of other anglers!

  5. No spombing/spodding before 11am. Anyone walking around before 11am should do so quietly.

  6. Bivvies to be used on the swims only.

  7. All captures to be unhooked/photographed over soft ground only.

  8. All anglers must carry and use carp care for all hook holds/ scale damage.

  9. All carp to be rested for a minimum of 5 minutes BEFORE removing them from the water, please handle the carp with great care.

  10. Only Birchwood’s in-house nets, slings, mats and water buckets to be used on site. Use the big mat for any 30lb plus carp.

  11. No carp are to be retained for Longer than 45 minutes. During summer no carp are to be retained at all.

  12. All carp 20lb plus must be photographed each side, 30lb plus contact management or have another member help.

  13. Catch reports are mandatory, please use the catch report forms before leaving.

  14. No rods left in the lake unoccupied at any time, this includes using boats!

  15. Boats are provided for retrieval of snagged fish/lost tackle, life jackets provided must be used (no exceptions)

  16. The gate must always be shut and locked. Guests and non-members are not permitted to use the gate.

  17. Guests must be pre-arranged before bringing them on site.

  18. No fires, guns or dogs, noise to be kept to a minimum.

  19. Please respect the lake, other anglers and all wildlife.

  20. No litter to be left behind, this includes cig buts and line off cuts.

  21. Maximum 3 rods. Relevant fishing licenses must be held by all anglers.

  22. Max stay in one swim is 72 hours, bivvies are not to be unattended for extended periods.

  23. No reserving swims by any means.

  24. All vehicles should be returned to car park after unloading.

  25. No bait boats.

  26. No pike fishing.

  27. Access through any private gates is not permitted.


Rules must always be followed, failure to do so will result in a lifetime ban from the Birchwood syndicate with no refunds.

COVID-19 guidance

· To prevent the lake becoming busy and to give everyone a fair chance to come and relax  there will be a maximum stay of 48 hours per angler each week

· I ask you to bring gloves/hand sanitiser for opening and closing of the gate and toilet

· The syndicate hut will be closed and I ask that no one goes in there

· Anglers must arrive alone to the lake, guidance also states that you should not be giving lifts to other anglers from different households. For now we will not allow any guests

· All swims exceed the 15m guidelines, the double swims will now only be used as singles

· Keep a 2m distance from others, at all times

· I supply fish care here, This is how we are going to work it.

When you arrive, as normal go into the equipment shed (1 at a time) take your numbered kit and either, text me the number you have taken so I can sign you in, or wait until I am on my round and I will sign you in that way.

Once you have finished your session you will leave the kit in the car park , I will then clean and disinfect and put back into the shed ready for the next anglers

· You must only get your own nets for your session and put them in the car park as asked, no passing them on to the next angler.

· If you or a member of your household are showing any sign of illness please follow the advice given and stay home.

· There will be no use of boats, for fish safety and at a  last resort then I shall come out and help to free up any problems

· No sharing fishing tackle or other items